Pinwheel Kittens are disruptive 小猫爱捣乱 3+
Price RM45.00
Product SKU SKU-A-6971103604614-UNIT-5559
Brand Pinwheel
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm
Availability 10
2.游戏目标:游戏中可以培养儿童的逻辑思维能力 、观察能力以及空间方向感。
1.Product Content: The game contains 60 game cards, 9 pieces of furniture chess pieces and instructions and other accessories.
2.Game objective: Games can cultivate children's logical thinking ability, observation ability and sense of spatial direction.
3.Rules: NAUGHTY kitten furniture in the home are messy, quickly help the furniture are restored. Each card is marked with the pieces used in the question and the orientation hints. Players need to put the furniture in the appropriate position according to the hints and meet the orientation requirements.

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